Play 3 tables at the same time!

VEGAS GRAPE BACCARAT provides simultaneous participation in the three tables, providing a thrilling and tense match with the banker. After betting on one table, you can move to another table to compete with the banker of that table. Unlike the traditional baccarat, here you'll continue to feel the excitement and tension through the continuous betting!

Simultaneous Section:
Select VEGAS GRAPE BACCARAT's unique feature of a table with three games running simultaneously. You can strategically participate in the game by viewing game records in that section.
Game record:
If you want to join another table, you can click on the it to join. Click on the table again and you can see the last record of the table on the entire screen.
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Enjoy the different quality of VEGAS GRAPE BACCARAT! It conveys the feeling of a real casino as it is!
You can invite people and share the feeling of Jackpot together.